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Leadership Development _

The Leadership Development program will leave you feeling empowered today to speak tomorrow

Leadership Development

As a professional today you are expected to present confidently. You are called upon to lead meetings, client seminars, conferences and deliver pitches with ease and grace. While your team may be highly skilled technically, this does not ensure you feel 100% confident to impact effectively when speaking. This includes talking about yourself, delivering a pitch, reporting, team meetings, presentations or any form of media.

This program is designed to unpack and transform your voice. From diagnosing your vocal style through to discovering the micro-elements of delivery you will learn it all.

Course Overview

This six session leadership course is personalised and tailored to suit your team’s needs.

Perfect for: Corporations, associations, government and education departments who want to offer innovative team training, ensuring outstanding service and experience for their customers.

      **Separate Introductory consults available upon request


6  x 120 min team workshop sessions

6 x 60 min individual sessions: Working on specific skills, techniques and monthly measures

Post program individual reports

Available on sight & online

$2995 + GST: Per Person

      **Separate Introductory consults available upon request

Your team will walk away with:

NEW behavior and hard-wiring around communication

Increased self-confidence and ease within themselves, their ideas and their voice

A sense of growth and development from being able to unpack any limiting and cultural belief systems


Key takeaway: My voice needs to match my professional profile.

For many years, I’ve struggled with the public speaking thing and Lisa was my last hope.  With her holistic approach, addressed the limitations in my voice and the blockages I had about my voice from negative messages I’d been bombarded with as a young child.  My key takeaways (and there were many) was how to get the best out of my natural voice, and how important it is for my voice to connect to the emotion of the story/experience I’m sharing.

Gianna Di Bella: Di Bella Enterprises – Brisbane

Lisa's comprehensive coaching addresses many aspects of a great presentation.

Lisa is a talented coach who understands the importance of mindset, technique and content in supporting her clients to become great speakers.  She teaches from research and her own considerable experience.  Her comprehensive coaching addresses many aspects of a great presentation.  Highly recommended.

Ursula Hogben: Founder of Legal Vision – Sydney