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The Womans Voice

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This program delivers everything you need to get started on the journey of confidently sharing your message

Start up Package

Hey there! Are you looking to step up your game and take your personal brand or business to the next level? Look no further than Lisa's personalized package. Lisa has years of experience working with women just like you all over the world, and she's developed a program that can be tailored to fit your unique needs and budget.

With Lisa by your side, you'll receive comprehensive and innovative training that will give you the confidence you need to speak up and promote yourself and your business with ease. So why wait? Contact Lisa today and start taking the steps towards the success you deserve!



3 x 1 : 1  sessions with Lisa
1 x LLB Vocal Studio Workbook
1 x Voice Straw Pack
1 x Posture Medic
1 x Vocalzone Tea
1 x Vocal Lozenges


$1595 + GST


Book in for a phone call with Lisa


You will walk away with:

NEW behavior and hard-wiring around communication

The skills to make sure your voice is heard

The confidence to speak into every conversation

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"Lisa extended my insight and confidence"

Lisa dismantled my assumptions, mindsets and skills in verbal communication; then guided me in rebuilding them in ways that extended my insight and confidence. Her coaching is incredibly personal, practical and purposeful. Come to one of my presentations, and you’ll hear how amazing Lisa is!

Rachael Palmer (Organisational Psychologist at Transitioning Well)