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The Womans Voice

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Perfect for:

Professionals who are looking to develop their Executive Presence

Delivering pitches, reports, presentations, media interviews and networking skills.

TWV Program

This six week program offers comprehensive and innovative training, ensuring you can step out, speak up and confidently promote yourself.

Focus Of The Woman's Voice training Program:

Build CONFIDENCE, SPEAK with GRAVITAS, reconnect with your VOICE and move beyond your fears.

How? By developing a voice that will support you with strong public speaking, networking, leadership, management and team training skills.

We believe you deserve to be heard in 2024!


Performance Studios 3994 Pacific Highway Loganholme


  • Friday 10th MAY, 2024 - Friday 14th JUNE, 2024


  • Friday Mornings 10.00am - 12.00pm

Program Includes:

  • Presentation + Speaking Training
  • Learn how to confidently introduce yourself
  • Formula on how to tell a good story
  • Empowering language
  • Microphones techniques
  • Platform manners and stage presence
  • Strategies on how to overcome stage fright
  • Training on how to connect and impact an audience


  • LLB Vocal Studio Workbook
  • Connect with a group of like minded women who are  all focused on the same thing: To speak with GRAVITAS
  • A program that will strengthen your leadership, management, team training and social media skills
  • Work in a SAFE, clean and private work space

You will walk away with:

NEW behavior and hard-wiring around communication

The skills to make sure your voice is heard

The confidence to speak into every conversation

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The business woman speaks on the conference
Business meeting at the restaurant. Business people are brainstorming during a strategy presentation in an high-end luxury restaurant.

"Lisa extended my insight and confidence"

Lisa dismantled my assumptions, mindsets and skills in verbal communication; then guided me in rebuilding them in ways that extended my insight and confidence. Her coaching is incredibly personal, practical and purposeful. Come to one of my presentations, and you’ll hear how amazing Lisa is!

Rachael Palmer (Organisational Psychologist at Transitioning Well)